Bio-Oil Dry Skin Gel Review

Hi there and welcome back to the BronzingBlossom blog. If you have heard of Bio-oil, you would know their famous skincare oil. I previously reviewed the Bio-oil skincare oil which you can read here. I was excited to know when they launched their new product, the Dry Skin Gel. I purchased it on along… Continue reading Bio-Oil Dry Skin Gel Review


Tangle Teezer The Original

If you’re a haircare fanatic, you would have probably heard of tangle teezer. I wasn’t so much into haircare so when my twin sister introduced me to this, it completely changed my life. It is pretty much one those products that once you tried it, you can’t live without it afterwards. Before I start this… Continue reading Tangle Teezer The Original

Best drugstore top coat?

Hey! I know this maybe bit delayed but Happy New Year. I was spending so much of time with the family that I hardly had time to sit down and write a blog post. However, here I am finally back at it. So I love trying out nail polishes, but I often find that if… Continue reading Best drugstore top coat?

The Body Shop Drops of Youth worth a try?

I never ever considered myself a skincare junkie but as of recently I can positively say I am. I started my journey of a proper skincare routine two years ago. After a couple of uses of certain drugstore products, I decided to switch things up and try The Body Shop products. I gravitated to this… Continue reading The Body Shop Drops of Youth worth a try?

Favorite drugstore foundation for December

Hey! I have been waiting forever to do this post and I'm finally glad that I'm doing this now. I know you are suppose to wait for the end of the month but I was so ready to rave about this product. So as of lately I have been reaching out for this on foundation… Continue reading Favorite drugstore foundation for December

Pond’s Flawless Radiance Derma+ Hydrating Day Gel and Night Cream

Hi there! Hope everyone has been doing well and is ready for the December holidays. I have been so busy lately, spending time with the family and have hardly been blogging. Now that I have some free time, I have decided to blog about Pond’s Flawless Derma+ products which I have incorporated into my skincare… Continue reading Pond’s Flawless Radiance Derma+ Hydrating Day Gel and Night Cream

Garnier Micellar Water holy grail makeup remover

So as much as I love trying out new makeup, I also do love coming home and taking it all out after a long day. Let me start by saying this Garnier Micellar water was a complete game changer to my skincare routine. Most people might have come across this already but for those of… Continue reading Garnier Micellar Water holy grail makeup remover

Clinique Stay-Matte Sheer Pressed Powder in Translucent

I'm always on the the hunt for a good translucent powder to set my foundation in place. When the clinique consultant introduced this product to me, I knew I had to have it. It retails for R460 for a 7.6g so this was within my budget. It is a sheer pressed powder but not only… Continue reading Clinique Stay-Matte Sheer Pressed Powder in Translucent